What Is Psychosomatics?

In the modern world people become increasingly health aware and health conscious.


We’re not prepared to tolerate things we used to, our perception of “good health” or even “normal health” has shifted.


At the same time we become more health conscious. We’re looking for natural healing techniques, without compromising on overall well-being.


Psychosomatics can offer natural relief for your symptoms, even if you think they have nothing to do with your mind.


If you are tired of feeling sick, and medications just help a little or don’t work at all


If doctors keep saying “your tests look normal”, but you still feel sick


If you’ve been going back and forth from one specialist to another, and there is still no diagnosis


If your treatment has so many side effects that you are tempted to quit it

Then I might be able to help you.


In modern world there are diseases described as "psychosomatics", when official medicine says it’s "caused by stress" or "you need to get more rest".

These include psychosomatic pain, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, tinnitus and some others.

It also happens sometimes that a disease is "organic", but it’s very stubborn and constantly returns. Almost everyone has some sort of symptoms that often react to stress: someone has an allergy, someone is down with every cold or flu, or someone has constant eczema or dermatitis, and so on.

But something that few people know is that

Absolutely all diseases have a psychological component to them. 

Allergies, headaches, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases, eczema and dermatitis, you name it!


How Psychosomatic Works

In the 18th century, Descartes proclaimed the principle of mind-body dualism, which led to the fact that in medicine they began to consider the human body as a separate “mechanism” that “breaks down” in case of an illness. 

Treatment in this case is seen as “mending” for chemical or physical imbalance. That’s what most of the known medications do - replenish certain chemical elements, hormones, enzymes, etc.

The connection between brain and all other organs of the body was discovered in the 20th century. It became clear that it is the brain that controls all bodily processes. Detailed maps of the parts of the brain have been compiled where projections of certain organs can be seen.

There has been a significant shift recently towards the acceptance of the fact that the body is inseparable from the brain, and it is necessary to treat a person as a whole, and only then the state of balance can be achieved.


This idea isn’t new as it is found in many Eastern philosophies and medical practices, and in the Western world it dates back to Hippocrates. The Cartesian principle of dualism (body and mind are separate entities) slowed down the spread of the idea of the unity of mind, spirit and body and its application in medicine for a long time. Since the 18th century scientists and physicians have focused only on the body. However, after several centuries of development, modern medicine is still facing some phenomena that it is unable to explain relying only on the body.


Modern medicine often ignores the psychological component, and thus many illnesses have relapses or become chronic.

Almost everyone has some sort of organ system that reacts to stress: someone suffers from cystitis, someone has bronchitis or asthma, someone has constant bloating, and so on. These health issues show where there is an ongoing psychological issue that a person cannot cope with using their standard approaches.

Usually a person doesn’t even associate this issue with the condition, but as long as it is present, the condition will persist.

“One-off” illnesses follow the same pattern: when there is an event or an issue that the person can’t cope with, the psychological stress moves into the body so the body could join in and help resolve the issue biologically. 

In order to get rid of the illness, or at least alleviate the condition, it is necessary to find the psychological root cause that provoked the illness. 


As our mind is one with our body,

when the psychological trigger is eliminated,

the body can stop the illness and begin to recover.

That is why working with your mind is so important — it helps the client to solve the issue at the level of the mind, so that the body does not have to step in and engage in an illness. It's a natural healing process resulting in a relief of your symptoms alongside reduced stress and anxiety associated with the condition.

The work of Dr. Hamer was a breakthrough in this paradigm. It shocked the medical establishment and caused a huge amount of controversy that continues to this day.

In 1978, Dr. R. G. Hamer suffered the tragic death of his son, after which he developed cancer. This "coincidence" pushed him to study the causes of cancer, and all other diseases later. In each case, Dr. Hamer found similar psychological trauma, with types of trauma being correlated with the type of illness in the patients.

Dr. Hamer was able to support his findings with scientific evidence - brain tomography images. He analyzed about 40,000 different cases, and in all the cases the same diagnoses were reflected in the same parts of the brain. 

Dr Hamer.jpg

Dr. Hamer's research findings define illness not as a “breakdown,” but as a meaningful interaction between the brain and the corresponding organ. 


In response to a shocking event, the brain triggers a reaction in the body. The type, severity and duration of the reaction depend on the type of psychological “shock” and on how effectively the person copes with this shock. The better person copes with stress on the psychological level, the less the load on the body, and vice versa.


That’s why working with the psychological component of the disease helps the body fight the disease more effectively.

It holds true both for “one-off” and chronic illnesses and symptoms.

Finding the Old and Replacing it with the New


Working with the Mind


Helps the Body

When working with your mind we hit two birds with one stone:


We identify the root cause of the illness — the situation/event that caused a negative reaction which the person could not fully process at the emotional level


We solve the issue again, helping the person find a new way out of the situation.

It’s often necessary to identify the negative and limiting beliefs that prevented the solution from being found in the first place, and change them. And after that, psychological changes start the healing processes in the body, naturally.

For such changes to ignite, deep psychological work is required:


Firstly, the initial negative situation is often forgotten and pushed into the subconscious so that negative emotions do not bother the person. To start the process, this situation must be identified and acknowledged.


Secondly, in order to find a new way out of the situation, personal changes are often required. A person needs to get rid of old negative beliefs and to adopt the new positive ones that build strength of mind and the ability to respond to similar situations in a constructive way.

This eliminates the body's reason to react with the illness.


Here are some examples from my practice to illustrate how the above works in real life, providing natural relief to the symptoms and reducing the associated stress and anxiety:

Allergies: Allergy to pollen and “something else”.

A client, Anna, could not identify the cause of her allergies which were accompanied by itching, redness and swelling of her eyes. Spring was the worst, but allergy attacks could occur in other seasons as well.

In our therapy sessions, we found that the allergy was caused by a traumatic separation from her ex-boyfriend. Since the separation took place in the spring, the body recorded the spring blooming as a negative stimulus. We weren’t able to identify other triggers, but during the therapy sessions their effect was eliminated as well since we removed the negative emotional charge from the situation as a whole.

In order for the allergy to go away completely, Anna needed to acknowledge the situation first, and then to accept it in a new way - not as a traumatic episode, but as a life experience, that also allowed her to build her current relationships in a different way.




A client, Timothy, has eczema with characteristic red scaly patches on the bends of the elbows and under the knees. Such diseases as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis are often caused by the lack of close contact with someone dear, described as "someone did not hug me and it hurts".

In therapy sessions it was revealed that Timothy's relationship with his mother, who was a cold and unemotional woman and was burdened by her little son, had been disturbing him since his childhood.


After the therapy, Timothy’s skin condition has improved significantly: the spots have almost disappeared. His memories of his mother and his childhood have become a lot more positive, making him a happier person in general.

Role of Hypnosis in Transformation

Deep hypnosis proved to be the easiest and most effective way to achieve such a drastic change.


This therapy combines effective psychological techniques with the power of hypnosis.

In a state of hypnosis, a person is able to access the content of his subconscious, thus becoming opened to opportunities for such changes as:


Searching for the causes of the disease – That very situation or event (or several of them) that triggered the stress


Elimination of those negative attitudes that did not allow a person to live through the situation at the level of emotions and reasoning, and transferred it to the body resulting in a health issue.

If the word “hypnosis” makes you feel uncomfortable, you are not alone as there are a lot of misconceptions about it, such as:


You are unconscious and have no memory of the session


You are being manipulated by the therapist


Hypnosis is harmful for your health


You can get stuck in the hypnotic state


It might not work on you, etc

But in reality, hypnosis is a completely natural and safe healing technique. It's a state which we spontaneously enter and exit several times a day without even realising it while doing one of the following:

hypnotherapy for weight loss

When we fall asleep and wake up. Hypnosis is an intermediate state between sleep and wakefulness, this is the theta rhythm of the brain.

overcoming anxiety

When we are enthusiastically reading a book or watching TV

hypnosis for ocd

When we are involved in some kind of activity and don’t hear what is happening around us

hypnosis london

When we are daydreaming on a sofa

hypnotherapy for confidence and self-esteem

When we are driving immersed in our thoughts so much that we forget where our turn is

Surely many of these states are more than familiar to you.

In this two-minute video below I talk about hypnosis in a little more detail and dispel the main stereotypes about it:

You can find more information on hypnosis here:


Hypnosis is simply a state that opens doors to the subconscious. The effectiveness of the hypnotherapy depends on how this state is used.

Some will make an entertainment performance on stage out of it, and others will work with the symptoms of a problem or disease.


However, I prefer to use this powerful state to find and fix the original problem. Only in this case we can expect to see an improvement in the condition or complete healing.

Moreover, when we remove the initial negative attitudes and provide a person with a new positive strategy for solving the problem, the likelihood of subsequent health issues decreases. Similar issues will be resolved at the level of the psyche and mind, and the body will no longer need to hurt. 

Such results are only possible when using Deep Transformational Hypnotherapy.

Deep Transformational Hypnotherapy combines:


The cause of the problem



Power of Hypnosis

You can can read more about how this works here:

Why Me?

When you decide to go through some deep psychological work, you must be sure of the qualifications and ethics of the specialist you trust with your health.


I am Katerina Furman, a certified psychologist, certified NGH hypnotherapist, master of hypnosis with an English diploma in hypnosis, as well as certifications in hypnosis with the emphasis on psychosomatics from the US, UK, and Russia.

I am also a member of the leading American and English professional associations - NGH, IAHP, GHR - and I am accredited to practice by the most reputable UK certification bodies - GHSC and CNHC.

NGH Certified Hypnotherapist
hypnotherapy near me
Individual Hypnotherapy
hypnotherapy on-line
london hypnotherapy

A medical diploma isn’t necessary to perform hypnotherapy because:

hypnotherapy for weight loss

I don’t diagnose health issues

overcoming anxiety

I don’t prescribe tests and medications

hypnosis for ocd

I don’t discuss or change your doctor’s prescriptions and recommendations

All of the above is your doctor’s responsibility.

I don’t treat a disease, I "treat" a person by working through their emotions, feelings and attitudes. As a result of this work, your mind and body change towards physical and mental health. When you find peace of mind, your body no longer needs to hurt. You get a natural stress and anxiety relief and see your symptoms alleviating.


After reading all of the above, you might think that psychological work is intended to completely replace medication and traditional medicine.


It’s not quite true.


Hypnotherapy is a complementary medicine and can only be used in combination with the traditional approach to treating diseases.

Your GP or doctor is still responsible for the following:

hypnotherapy for weight loss

Ordering tests and lab work

overcoming anxiety


hypnosis for ocd

Prescribing medication and treatment

It is up to you whether you decide to follow your doctor’s recommendations or not, but the diagnosis must be confirmed by a qualified healthcare professional.

This is necessary for your safety as you don’t want to be treated for headaches when you may have an aneurysm of the cerebral vessels, or for a persistent cough while there may be an undiagnosed tumour in the bronchi. 

A photocopy of the doctor's report will be enough.

In case you have any questions you can also ask them via email katerina@fullerlifehypnosis.com

Selected Reviews

Here you can see some reviews from my clients who have worked with their health conditions:

I had an issue with my stomach, 8 years of doctor visits only gave me a diagnosis of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome — KF), which is not curable but can be controlled, they say.


And another doctor said it’s stress stomach, his solution was  “don’t stress too much”...


So the problem was when I stressed out I needed to go to the restroom and when I needed to go to the restroom I stressed, and when there was no restroom close by I stressed and look for one.

I missed so many birthdays and weddings and super important events because I couldn’t leave my house, even if my stomach felt ok, I thought that I would need to go any moment and start stressing about it…


Enough about the problem. The solution. 
Katerina understood the problem and looked for the root, where is this problem coming from and what caused it and what we need to do to get rid of the root. 

It was not easy!


Don’t think someone will tell you “you are rich” in hypnosis and you wake up rich. It was hard work for both Katerina and me. It took time to find the right situation and the experience I lived through that many years later caused me to have a stomach issue like this. This process might not be too pleasant, but it’s worth every second. 

Finally I spend so much more time with people and with my family and somewhere out in the park. I can now travel and not worry about finding a restroom close by. 
I am happier because so much stress is off my shoulders. I feel like I love my husband more, because so many little fights are not there, no reason to have them. I made new friends and already visited new places. It’s an unbelievable feeling of freedom from years of limitations…

Thank you, Katerina! You helped me feel more comfortable in life and I actually started loosing weight, which was not even intended. Thank you!

Polina, USA

It has been quite spontaneous that I decided to reach out to Katerina for help, and I had no doubts I wanted to work with her on my issue [weight loss - KF]. Results are obvious :) Moreover, I’ve generally become more mindful and started living a healthier lifestyle, I’ve started doing yoga and meditating. I have successfully implemented all the changes that we’d been working on. And it all happened as if by itself, just a miracle! Thank you ever so much!

Daria, Russia

I’d been an allergy sufferer for nearly a decade, with the condition getting progressively worse. I even had to use injections to keep it under control. All is gone after a couple of sessions. It’s been 2 months and I have forgotten I ever had it. Unbelievable!

Zahra, UK

Alina, Italy

Read more reviews here:


Session Overview

Discussing Changes

We’ll start by discussing the desired changes you’d like to implement in your life.


They will serve as a roadmap for us during the therapy


Going Into Hypnosis

Then I will put you in a state of hypnosis, and I will be with you in this state until the very end of the session.


I will guide you, and together we will be browsing your subconscious looking for the cause of your health issues.

We will use:











To identify the stressful situations.

You don't need to do anything special or unusual. If you can dream and use your memory, then you will succeed!


You don't even need to have good memory - your subconscious will release memories and images that you could consciously forget long ago.

Identifying the Root Cause

When we identify the original trigger, we can see what limiting and negative attitudes have prevented a successful resolution of the problem at the emotional and mental level.


Replacing the Limiting Beliefs

We will look into the grounds for your particular behaviour, and we will be able to change them by removing old false attitudes, and replacing them with new ones.


Bringing them to life

I will help you learn to react differently to the same triggers not only in the past but in the present, too.  This results in the significant improvement of the overall physical and mental well-being.

By working with your subconscious mind, in just a few sessions, we will implement the transformations that would otherwise take you months (or even years) to happen. 

Sessions are held both at my office in London and online. More information can be found here:

Depending on your condition and readiness for change, a different number of sessions may be required.


The course of therapy begins with a diagnostic session. This diagnostic session gives you the opportunity to talk to me without paying for a full therapy session.

During this first appointment you will:

hypnotherapy for weight loss

Meet me and see if you are comfortable working with me

overcoming anxiety

Learn more about my techniques

hypnosis for ocd

See if my approach to solving your problem is appealing to you

hypnosis for ocd

Plan the course of therapy, schedule sessions and budget

overcoming anxiety

Ask all the questions you might have and get all the answers you need

All of the above is done on a video call, at best convenient time and price for you.


After booking a diagnostic session, you will receive an email confirmation which will contain several short videos that you will need to watch to prepare for the session.

After the diagnostic session, you will have all information about the course of therapy, and you can decide whether you are ready to use my help to gain your health back.

You can sign up for a diagnostic session right now