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Before reading this page you need to have a clear understanding of both What Hypnosis Is and How Hypnotherapy Works


If you haven’t yet done so, you may want to read about them here


I see clients in my London office, however if you can’t travel, you may want to consider doing hypnotherapy on-line.


It can be a lot more convenient and is equally effective. See below for details


Why Online Hypnotherapy Works

As you remember, in order to go into hypnosis all you need to do is to follow the guidance from the hypnotherapist — close your eyes, relax, imagine certain objects.


The therapist doesn’t need to send you any special kind of energy or make any manual manipulations — it’s you who is creating hypnosis for yourself.


Same as if you were simply day dreaming.

Hence it’s absolutely not important if the hypnotherapist is in the same room with you or your are talking over a video service. If you can see and hear each other well, the therapy will go as smoothly as if you were in the same room.


The two most frequently raised concerns are:

Will the remote therapy be as effective as personal?

What if we encounter any technical issues?

Remote Therapy Is Equally Effective

Working remotely is as effective as personal one: the therapeutic effect is achieved through words alone, hence there is no difference between working in person or via video.


You can watch this video cut where one of my remote clients talks about her experience:

When reading the Reviews pages, please note the variety of countries my clients come from.


You’ll see that half of reviews come from the clients who I worked remotely with, and they were very happy with their results.

I’ve also done a whole project, based on working with clients remotely


(it’s in Russian, so you may need Google to translate it for you)

Technical Issues

I’ll send you a memo on remote sessions that has the checklist for all the required aspects

At the start of the first session we check if the equipment is functioning properly and minimise the chances of technical faults.

More answers to your questions can be found here:

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