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How Hypnotherapy Works

Before we start talking about hypnotherapy, you need to have a clear understanding of what hypnosis is.


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What Hypnotherapy Is

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis in order to promote the client’s psychological and physical wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy is the fastest and the most efficient way to make desired changes, this has been scientifically proven.

Success rate


Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy





Number of Sessions




Alfred A. Barrios, PhD. "Toward Understanding the Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy: A Combined Clinical, Theoretical, and Experimental Approach”

Client's Perspective

You can watch this little fragment of an interview with one of my clients who has had some previous experience with other types of therapy and sharing her opinion first hand

Types of Hypnotherapy

There are many methods of hypnotherapy, however fundamentally they fall into two main categories: the ones trying to manage the symptoms and the ones they aim to address the root cause of the issue.

Working with symptoms:

Only gives temporary relief

There is always a concern about longevity of the effect

The root cause remains intact

Any stress increases the probability of the condition returning.

Working with the root cause:

Allows to find the negative and limiting misperceptions that cause the issues to appear in the first place

Allows to replace them with truthful, positive and helpful beliefs

Can help with the most stubborn issues that have been bothering you all your life

Can help even when other methods have failed

As the root cause disappears the issue and the symptoms go away

Quality And Ethics

I’ve learned all the main methods and approaches in the modern hypnotherapy — behavioural, cognitive, metaphoric, analytical, Ericksonian, regressive, etc. I’ve chosen what I think works best for my clients.


My approach is based on 5-PATH® hypnotherapy, which stands for 5-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis. 

5-PATH® Hypnotherapy has a long history: it started off with works of legendary Dave Elman, then the method was further developed by Gerald ‘Jerry’ Kein, and then the final method was created by Calvin Banyan decades ago. I was lucky to have been trained by Cal himself 

5-PATH® Hypnotherapy

Allows to find and remove the root cause of any issue that you might have, which is usually deeply buried in your Subconscious mind

Repair all the damage that the issue has created over the time of its existence

Create new beliefs that will replace the old ones and will help you  change the problematic behaviour and symptoms to the new and beneficial ones

As a result of our work:

You can resolve your issue just in a few sessions, even if all other methods have failed

Free up the energy that you used to spend on fighting the issue and managing its symptoms and direct it to other areas of your life

Start living a fuller and happier life.

Do I Need Therapy?

Hypnotherapy isn't for everyone. It is a personal journey.

You may want to try hypnotherapy if:

You can’t control your emotions or symptoms, despite conscious efforts

You’ve read books and watched videos on the topic, however applying that knowledge doesn’t fully work

The issue has been around for so long that you’re not sure if it can be dealt with, however you know people who don’t have it

You notice that others started complaining about something you do or how you behave

You feel apathy and lack of excitement about life in general or a specific area of your life

You feel emotional and can over-react with tears or anger

You’ve noticed you changed your eating or drinking habits and find it difficult to cut back on unhealthy stuff

You seem to be constantly stressed and can’t do anything about it

Your sleep is disturbed

If you’d like to discuss how you feel and see how I can help you to solve your issue, you can book an initial consultation here

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