About Michael

My name is Michael Pughsley and I am a qualified hypnotherapist, registered with the General Hypnotherapists Register, the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council, the most respected hypnotherapy bodies in the world.

I have a background in psychology from my undergraduate days. I have since taught therapy students at undergraduate level and have written and validated postgraduate degrees in business psychology among others. 

After experiencing the power of hypnotherapy myself, I trained as a practitioner and successfully worked with many clients for a number of years. I help them overcome a wide variety of problems including anxiety, sexual and other performance issues, confidence, eating related issues, and the legacies of trauma and abuse to name a few.

I use a variety of methods in my practice including 5-PATH®, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Eye Movement, Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy. 

Whilst I am an experienced therapist, I continually learn new ways of helping clients and broadening my own understanding.


I strongly believe that hypnotherapy is a fast and effective way to achieve your goals, change your behaviours and beliefs.


By leaving your past in the past and removing all those blockages in the way of being the best version of yourself, you can change the course of your life.

I am successful at working with a range of clients from different backgrounds and with varied goals.

I will work collaboratively with you to remove blocks and cycles of thought and behaviour, opening ways to a happier healthier life.

Clients come to me with a wide range of issues including work and relationship related stress, anxiety, depression, weight management, sleep disorders, trauma and many others.

General Hypnotherapy Register Registered Practitioner
General Hypnotherapy Standards Council Accredited Practitioner
professional hypnotherapy
clinical hypnotherapy london


Michael made me feel at ease very quickly.  He was understanding and supportive. He helped me develop techniques to manage the challenges I have been facing.  I will forever be grateful for his support and kindness.


When I came to see Michael, I was having some self confidence issues, deriving from my childhood. I’d lived with them for many years and tried various therapists along the way, none of whom I felt really seemed to make a meaningful difference. However Michael’s hypnotherapy approach was something new to me, that I wanted to try.
To begin I was apprehensive about hypnosis and the things I’d heard on the dreaded web. But he soon put me at ease and I felt comfortable and in control the whole time. The sessions were very useful and I believe definitely made an impact to the issues I carried under the surface. He’s always made himself available if needed, but to be honest I’ve been getting on very well over the last year or so since we last spoke. I’d have no hesitation in recommending him and his approach, to anyone wanting to explore things about themselves that often sit under the surface. Time and money well spent.



What a difference this has made.
Before I started my sessions with Michael, I felt such anxiety over a few things in my life but especially flying. Even before the sessions started Michael’s professionalism, demeanour and calming nature made me at ease and gave me a feeling of trust to explore the world of hypnotherapy.
What a significant difference these sessions have made to my life and the testimony to this was my first flying experience shortly after the first few sessions, the change to my mind set and feelings of anxiety melting away with the techniques used during these sessions.
The whole experience of working with Michael to conquer these fears has been such a positive experience and has changed my whole perception of flying, which in-turn has made the thought of flying (which could be months before I actually fly) so much more manageable, with an immense decrease in anxiety and an overall more pleasurable experience.
Some of the techniques I have also used in other arears of my life and has overall made feelings of anxiety more manageable on a day to day basis.
I would highly recommend Michael – thank you.


Michael has made a significant difference to my life, enabling me to unlock my potential and to embrace the ‘best’ of myself. I sought help through a difficult and challenging time and Michael quickly put me at ease to get the best from my session, and over the course of 3 or 4 sessions not just overcoming issues but helping me to grow as a person too. Michael is incredibly perceptive and has a talent for catching details that are more important than we realise.  I would highly recommend him.


Thank you Michael for helping me to address my longstanding anxiety and all of the impacts that was having on my life. Your support has enabled me to find a way forward and dramatically improved my wellbeing. I wish I’d found you sooner.